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The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

curriculum vitae \cur*ric"u*lum vi"tae\ (k[u^]r*r[i^]k"[=u]*l[u^]m v[imac]"t[=e], k[u^]r*r[i^]k"[=u]*l[u^]m v[imac]"t[imac]), n.; pl. curricula vitae (-l[.a]). [L. the course of one's life or career. See Curriculum.] A brief biographical summary of the main points of a person's life, especially one's education and training, the jobs one has held, and other notable activities one has participated in, as well as other notable points such as honors one has received. It is prepared and used commonly by a person who is submitting an application for a job or position of responsibility. It is also called a vita or vitae, and is abbreviated CV. [PJC]