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Wordnet 3.0

NOUN (1)

1. a person who is loyal to their allegiance (especially in times of revolt);
[syn: loyalist, stalwart]


1. having rugged physical strength; inured to fatigue or hardships;
- Example: "hardy explorers of northern Canada"
- Example: "proud of her tall stalwart son"
- Example: "stout seamen"
- Example: "sturdy young athletes"
[syn: hardy, stalwart, stout, sturdy]

2. dependable;
- Example: "the stalwart citizens at Lexington"
- Example: "a stalwart supporter of the UN"
- Example: "stout hearts"
[syn: stalwart, stout]

3. used especially of persons;
- Example: "a stalwart knight"
- Example: "a stouthearted fellow who had an active career in the army"
[syn: stalwart, stouthearted]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Stalwart \Stal"wart\ (st[o^]l"w[~e]rt or st[add]l"-; 277), Stalworth \Stal"worth\ (-w[~e]rth), a. [OE. stalworth, AS. staelwyr[eth] serviceable, probably originally, good at stealing, or worth stealing or taking, and afterwards extended to other causes of estimation. See Steal, v. t., Worth, a.] Brave; bold; strong; redoubted; daring; vehement; violent. "A stalwart tiller of the soil." --Prof. Wilson. [1913 Webster] Fair man he was and wise, stalworth and bold. --R. of Brunne. [1913 Webster] Note: Stalworth is now disused, or but little used, stalwart having taken its place. [1913 Webster]
WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006):

stalwart adj 1: having rugged physical strength; inured to fatigue or hardships; "hardy explorers of northern Canada"; "proud of her tall stalwart son"; "stout seamen"; "sturdy young athletes" [syn: hardy, stalwart, stout, sturdy] 2: dependable; "the stalwart citizens at Lexington"; "a stalwart supporter of the UN"; "stout hearts" [syn: stalwart, stout] 3: used especially of persons; "a stalwart knight"; "a stouthearted fellow who had an active career in the army" [syn: stalwart, stouthearted] n 1: a person who is loyal to their allegiance (especially in times of revolt) [syn: loyalist, stalwart]
Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0:

255 Moby Thesaurus words for "stalwart": Achilles, Antaeus, Atlas, Briareus, Brobdingnagian, Charles Atlas, Conservative, Cyclops, David, Democrat, Goliath, Hector, Hercules, Labourite, Maecenas, Polyphemus, Republican, Roland, Samson, Superman, Tarzan, Titan, Tory, Whig, a man, abettor, able-bodied, adipose, admirer, advocate, aficionado, angel, apologist, athletic, audacious, backer, beefy, big-bellied, bloated, blowzy, bold, bold-spirited, bosomy, bouncing, brave, brawny, buff, bulldog, bully, bullyboy, burly, buxom, champion, chivalric, chivalrous, chubby, chunky, chutzpanik, colossus, corpulent, courageous, daring, dauntless, decorated hero, defender, demigod, demigoddess, dependence, determined, distended, doughty, dumpy, encourager, endorser, exponent, fan, fat, fattish, favorer, fearless, fighting cock, firm, fit, fleshy, flush, forceful, forcible, forcy, friend at court, full, full-blooded, full-strength, gallant, game, gamecock, giant, good soldier, gorilla, greathearted, gross, gutsy, gutty, hale, hale and hearty, hard, hard as nails, hardy, healthy, hearty, heavyset, heeler, hefty, hero, heroic, heroine, herolike, hippy, husky, imposing, indefatigable, indomitable, intrepid, iron-hard, ironhearted, knightlike, knightly, lion, lionhearted, lover, loyalist, lusty, mainstay, maintainer, man of courage, manful, manly, meaty, mettlesome, mighty, muscle man, muscular, nervy, obese, obstinate, overweight, paladin, paranymph, partisan, party faithful, party hack, party man, party member, party wheelhorse, patron, paunchy, persevering, persistent, plucky, plump, podgy, portly, potbellied, potent, powerful, powerhouse, promoter, protagonist, pudgy, puffy, puissant, pursy, red-blooded, redoubtable, registered Democrat, registered Republican, regular, relentless, reliance, resolute, robust, robustious, robustuous, roly-poly, rotund, rude, rugged, second, seconder, sectary, sider, sinewy, soldierlike, soldierly, solid, spirited, sponsor, square, squat, squatty, standby, staunch, steadfast, steely, stocky, stout, stouthearted, strapping, strong, strong as brandy, strong as strong, strong man, strong-arm man, strong-willed, sturdy, support, supporter, sustainer, swollen, sympathizer, tenacious, the brave, the mighty, the strong, thick-bodied, thickset, tiger, tireless, top-heavy, tough, tough guy, tower of strength, trouper, tubby, unafraid, unbending, uncompromising, undaunted, unfaltering, unflagging, unflinching, unswerving, untiring, unwavering, unyielding, upholder, valiant, valiant knight, valorous, vigorous, vital, votary, ward heeler, well-fed, well-wisher, wheelhorse