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Wordnet 3.0

NOUN (2)

1. total lack of meaning or ideas;
[syn: inanity, senselessness, mindlessness, vacuity, pointlessness]

2. the trait of acting rashly and without prudence;
[syn: heedlessness, mindlessness, rashness]

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006):

mindlessness n 1: total lack of meaning or ideas [syn: inanity, senselessness, mindlessness, vacuity, pointlessness] 2: the trait of acting rashly and without prudence [syn: heedlessness, mindlessness, rashness]
Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0:

137 Moby Thesaurus words for "mindlessness": Urdummheit, accidia, acedia, acuteness, animality, apathy, asininity, ataraxia, ataraxy, atrocity, barbarity, battiness, blindness, bloodlust, brainlessness, brutality, buffoonery, carelessness, casualness, clownishness, crackpottedness, crankiness, craziness, daffiness, deafness, desipience, destructiveness, detachment, disinterest, dispassion, disregard, disregardfulness, easygoingness, eccentricity, extremity, fatuity, fatuousness, ferociousness, fierceness, folly, foolery, foolheadedness, foolishness, force, frivolity, frivolousness, furiousness, giddiness, goofiness, harshness, heedlessness, idiocy, ignorance, imbecility, impetuosity, inanity, inattention, incapacity, inclemency, incognizance, incomprehension, incuriosity, indiscrimination, ineptitude, inexcitability, inhumanity, insanity, insensibility, insouciance, intensity, irrationality, lack of affect, lackadaisicalness, lackbrainedness, lackwittedness, listlessness, low IQ, lunacy, madness, malignity, mental weakness, mercilessness, murderousness, negligence, niaiserie, nonchalance, nonrealization, nonrecognition, nugacity, nuttiness, pitilessness, pococurantism, primal stupidity, queerness, reasonlessness, recklessness, regardlessness, rigor, roughness, sappiness, savagery, screwiness, senselessness, severity, sharpness, silliness, slackmindedness, slackwittedness, sloth, stupidity, terrorism, thoughtlessness, triflingness, triviality, unanxiousness, unawareness, unconcern, unconsciousness, ungentleness, unintellectuality, unintelligence, unmindfulness, unsolicitousness, unwisdom, unwiseness, unwittingness, vandalism, vehemence, venom, viciousness, violence, virulence, wackiness, weirdness, witlessness, zaniness, zanyism