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Wordnet 3.0


1. conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods;
- Example: "clandestine intelligence operations"
- Example: "cloak-and-dagger activities behind enemy lines"
- Example: "hole-and-corner intrigue"
- Example: "secret missions"
- Example: "a secret agent"
- Example: "secret sales of arms"
- Example: "surreptitious mobilization of troops"
- Example: "an undercover investigation"
- Example: "underground resistance"
[syn: clandestine, cloak-and-dagger, hole-and-corner(a), hugger-mugger, hush-hush, secret, surreptitious, undercover, underground]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Clandestine \Clan*des"tine\, a. [L. clandestinus, fr. clam secretly; akin to celare, E. conceal: cf. F. clandestin.] Conducted with secrecy; withdrawn from public notice, usually for an evil purpose; kept secret; hidden; private; underhand; as, a clandestine marriage. --Locke. Syn: Hidden; secret; private; concealed; underhand; sly; stealthy; surreptitious; furtive; fraudulent. -- Clan*des"tine*ly, adv. -- Clan*des"tine*ness, n. [1913 Webster]
WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006):

clandestine adj 1: conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods; "clandestine intelligence operations"; "cloak-and-dagger activities behind enemy lines"; "hole-and-corner intrigue"; "secret missions"; "a secret agent"; "secret sales of arms"; "surreptitious mobilization of troops"; "an undercover investigation"; "underground resistance" [syn: clandestine, cloak-and-dagger, hole-and- corner(a), hugger-mugger, hush-hush, secret, surreptitious, undercover, underground]
Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0:

26 Moby Thesaurus words for "clandestine": back-door, backstairs, covert, feline, furtive, hidlings, hole-and-corner, hugger-mugger, privy, quiet, shifty, skulking, slinking, slinky, sly, sneaking, sneaky, stealthy, surreptitious, under-the-counter, under-the-table, undercover, underground, underhand, underhanded, unobtrusive
Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Ed (1856):

CLANDESTINE. That which is done in secret and contrary to law. 2.Generally a clandestine act in case of the limitation of actions will prevent the act from running. A clandestine marriage is one which has been contracted without the form which the law has prescribed for this important contract. Alis. Princ. 543