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The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Inventory \In"ven*to*ry\, n.; pl. Inventories. [L. inventarium: cf. LL. inventorium, F. inventaire, OF. also inventoire. See Invent.] 1. An account, catalogue, or schedule, made by an executor or administrator, of all the goods and chattels, and sometimes of the real estate, of a deceased person; a list of the property of which a person or estate is found to be possessed; hence, an itemized list of goods or valuables, with their estimated worth. Hence: Any listing, as in a catalogue, of objects or resources on hand and available for use or for sale. Specifically, the annual account listing the stock on hand, taken in any business. [1913 Webster] There take an inventory of all I have. --Shak. 2. The objects contained on an inventory[1]; especially: the stock of items on hand in any business, either for sale and not yet sold, or kept as raw materials to be converted into finished products. [PJC] 3. The total value of all goods in an inventory[2]. [PJC] 4. The act of making an inventory[1]. [PJC] Syn: List; register; schedule; catalogue. See List. [1913 Webster]