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The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018):

IBM 650 A computer, produced ca. 1955 and in use in the late 1950s, with rotating magnetic drum storage and punched card input. Its memory words could store 10-digit decimal numbers and each instruction had two addresses, one for the operand and one for address of the next instruction on the drum. SOAP was its (optimising) assembler. Languages used on it included BACAIC, BALITAC, BELL, CASE SOAP III, DRUCO I, EASE II, ELI, ESCAPE, FAST, FLAIR, FORTRANSIT, FORTRUNCIBLE, GAT, IPL, Internal Translator, KISS, MITILAC, MYSTIC, OMNICODE, PIT, RELATIVE, RUNCIBLE, SIR, SOAP, Speedcoding, SPIT, SPUR. [More details?] (1995-03-30)