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YACC Yet Another Compiler Compiler (Unix)
The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018):

Yet Another Compiler Compiler yacc (yacc) The LALR parser generator found on most Unix systems. Also, the language used to describe the syntax of another language to yacc (the program). Implementations: ayacc, YAY, perln-byacc, SASL-Yacc - "Yacc in SASL - An Exercise in Functional Programming", Simon Peyton-Jones, Software Prac & Exp 15:807-820 (1985). Mentions also a BCPL implementation. Yacc++ - 1990. An object-oriented rewrite of yacc, supports regular expressions, produces an LR1 grammar parser. ["YACC Meets C++", S.C. Johnson, USENIX Spring '88 Conf]. Chris Clark, Compiler Resources Inc, +1 (508) 435-5016. MLYACC - Implementation and output in SML/NJ. ( A version, by David Poole at Montana University has been retargeted to Turbo Pascal. ( See also Bison, yet another, Yet Another Yacc. Unix manual page: yacc(1). ["YACC - Yet Another Compiler Compiler", S.C. Johnson, CS TR 32, Bell Labs (Jul 1975)]. [Was there ever an "ACC" - "Another Compiler Compiler"? If so, what was the first compiler compiler called?] (2000-11-15)