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The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Spinach \Spin"ach\, Spinage \Spin"age\, n. [OF. espinache, espinoche, F. ['e]pinard; cf. F. spinace, Sp. espinaca; all fr. Ar. isf[=a]n[=a]j, isfin[=a]j, aspan[=a]kh, probably of Persian origin.] (Bot.) A common pot herb (Spinacia oleracea) belonging to the Goosefoot family. [1913 Webster] Mountain spinach. See Garden orache, under Orache. New Zealand spinach (Bot.), a coarse herb (Tetragonia expansa), a poor substitute for spinach. [1913 Webster] Note: Various other pot herbs are locally called spinach. [1913 Webster]