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The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Flemish \Flem"ish\, a. Pertaining to Flanders, or the Flemings. -- n. The language or dialect spoken by the Flemings; also, collectively, the people of Flanders. [1913 Webster] Flemish accounts (Naut.), short or deficient accounts. [Humorous] --Ham. Nav. Encyc. Flemish beauty (Bot.), a well known pear. It is one of few kinds which have a red color on one side. Flemish bond. (Arch.) See Bond, n., 8. Flemish brick, a hard yellow paving brick. Flemish coil, a flat coil of rope with the end in the center and the turns lying against, without riding over, each other. Flemish eye (Naut.), an eye formed at the end of a rope by dividing the strands and lying them over each other. Flemish horse (Naut.), an additional footrope at the end of a yard. [1913 Webster]