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The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Solomon \Sol"o*mon\, n. One of the kings of Israel, noted for his superior wisdom and magnificent reign; hence, a very wise man. -- Sol`o*mon"ic, a. [1913 Webster] Solomon's seal (Bot.), a perennial liliaceous plant of the genus Polygonatum, having simple erect or curving stems rising from thick and knotted rootstocks, and with white or greenish nodding flowers. The commonest European species is Polygonatum multiflorum. Polygonatum biflorum and Polygonatum giganteum are common in the Eastern United States. See Illust. of Rootstock. False Solomon's seal (Bot.), any plant of the liliaceous genus Smilacina having small whitish flowers in terminal racemes or panicles. [1913 Webster]