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Wordnet 3.0


1. easily influenced;
[syn: ductile, malleable]

2. capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out;
- Example: "ductile copper"
- Example: "malleable metals such as gold"
- Example: "they soaked the leather to made it pliable"
- Example: "pliant molten glass"
- Example: "made of highly tensile steel alloy"
[syn: ductile, malleable, pliable, pliant, tensile, tractile]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Malleable \Mal"le*a*ble\, a. [F. mall['e]able, fr. LL. malleare to hammer. See Malleate.] 1. Capable of being extended or shaped by beating with a hammer, or by the pressure of rollers; -- applied to metals. [1913 Webster] 2. Capable of being influenced to behave as desired; tractable; -- used mostly of children. [PJC] Malleable iron, iron that is capable of extension or of being shaped under the hammer; decarbonized cast iron. See under Iron. Malleable iron castings, articles cast from pig iron and made malleable by heating then for several days in the presence of some substance, as hematite, which deprives the cast iron of some of its carbon. [1913 Webster]
WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006):

malleable adj 1: easily influenced [syn: ductile, malleable] 2: capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out; "ductile copper"; "malleable metals such as gold"; "they soaked the leather to made it pliable"; "pliant molten glass"; "made of highly tensile steel alloy" [syn: ductile, malleable, pliable, pliant, tensile, tractile]
Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0:

114 Moby Thesaurus words for "malleable": able to adapt, accessible, acquiescent, adaptable, adaptive, adjustable, alterable, alterative, amenable, apt, bendable, bending, biddable, bright, changeable, checkered, clever, complaisant, compliant, conformable, convenient, docile, ductile, educable, elastic, ever-changing, extensible, extensile, fabricable, facile, feasible, fictile, flexible, flexile, flexuous, fluid, foolproof, formable, formative, giving, governable, handy, impermanent, impressible, impressionable, influenceable, instructable, intelligent, kaleidoscopic, like putty, limber, lissome, lithe, lithesome, manageable, maneuverable, many-sided, metamorphic, mobile, modifiable, moldable, motivated, movable, mutable, nonuniform, obedient, open, open-minded, other-directed, permutable, persuadable, persuasible, pervious, plastic, pliable, pliant, practical, protean, proteiform, quick, ready, receptive, resilient, responsive, ripe for instruction, rubbery, schoolable, sensitive, sequacious, shapable, springy, suasible, submissive, suggestible, supple, susceptible, swayable, teachable, thirsty for knowledge, tractable, tractile, trainable, transformable, transient, transitory, untroublesome, variable, weak, whippy, wieldable, wieldy, willing, willowy, yielding