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The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Opossum \O*pos"sum\, n. [Of N. American Indian origin.] (Zool.) Any American marsupial of the genera Didelphys and Chironectes; called also possum. The common species of the United States is Didelphys Virginiana. [1913 Webster] Note: Several related species are found in South America. The water opossum of Brazil (Chironectes variegatus), which has the hind feet, webbed, is provided with a marsupial pouch and with cheek pouches. It is called also yapock. [1913 Webster] Opossum mouse. (Zool.) See Flying mouse, under Flying. Opossum shrimp (Zool.), any schizopod crustacean of the genus Mysis and allied genera. See Schizopoda. [1913 Webster]